Property Maintenance Guide for Rented Properties

A rented home is one that has a lot of financial advantages because you are only paying for the rent and the bills, instead of an entire mortgage. However, it also means that you do not own the property and therefore there are some restrictions involved. For example, you won’t be able to carry out certain works on your property such as renovations and permanent decorations such as painting the walls and hammering in nails..

What is Property Maintenance?

A rented property requires quite a bit of maintaining. Just because it is a rental property that you do not own, doesn’t mean that it is in need of any less maintenance. As well as this, if you are moving into a new rented property, you shouldn’t be fooled. Even a new rental property or one that has been newly refurbished will still need regular maintenance.

Simply relying on your tenant to handle your property’s maintenance is not enough. Most tenants have the predisposition to look over the property with ‘careless regard’ because they don’t in fact own your property and someone who works for maintenance will be able to just do it for you.

Like anything, objects have a lifespan and eventually they will wear out, lose pieces and breakdown or simply just stop working. Because of this, there are a sequence of regular maintenance tasks that a homeowner will need to put in place to make sure that the property is running safely and efficiently.

Property maintenance can be anything from changing a light bulb and repairing a boiler to refurbishing a room.


What are Emergency Property Services?

Emergency property services are something that Landlords have to deal with. It is probably one of the biggest – and frankly the most annoying – parts of a landlords job. It is a common thing for landlords to be relaxing at home or spending time with their family or friends and being randomly interrupted with a call from their tenant telling them that they need an emergency plumbing company to repair a leak in the ceiling. It is then the landlord’s job to get in contact with the plumbing and heating company on your behalf. This can come from a list of trusted tradespeople that are reliable at making emergency call outs to your property.

An emergency property service can include anything from a broken window to a blown fuse. It can even be used in the case that you get locked out of your home.

Regular Property Maintenance

As well as emergency property maintenance services, there are also some ongoing property maintenance tasks that you need to consider which will contribute to the long-term efficiency, safety and health of your rented property. Everything you own will have a long-term maintenance labour that will determine the lifespan of the object you own.


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